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Sanshui Smelly Vinegar

Smelly vinegar, or "longevity soup", which originates in the Pearl River Delta region, has a history of more than 2000 years. It is made of sticky and glutinous rice, which are soaked for several months in clean water in a sealed container. During the production process, the lactic acid bacteria produced through fermentation will emit a strange "smelly" smell, so the smelly vinegar is called "liquid durian".

Sanshui Beef

In recent years, there emerged some restaurants themed beef near Huangzhukeng cattle market. The beef served daily in these restaurants comes directly from the nearby cattle farm. Fresh and tender, these special dishes such as hooves and oxtail provide a delicious feast for people.

Sanshui River Food

As an area where three rivers converge, Sanshui boasts distinctive river food, which is popular among many tourists.

Heshun fish, river shrimp, mussels, chicken stewed crab are all river dishes full of flavor. Have a try and you will understand the saying of "Among all the river food, the most unforgettable one is in Sanshui".

To cater to diners from all over the world, Sanshui is making every effort to build a river food themed delicacies gathering area, including Lubao River Food Street, Hekou Cantonese Cuisine Gathering Area, Baini Xijiang River Food Street and so on.

Chicken Stewed Crab

Authentic chicken stewed crab is made by frying crab with ginger and green onions, then adding the soup and the secret seasoning, and putting the crab and the chicken in the boiler so that the chicken can fully absorb the fragrance of the crab yolk, making the relatively tasteless chicken meat suddenly become flavorful and sweet.

Figs with Chicken Soup

In Hesanji Farm, Datang Town, its signature dish, figs with chicken soup, has attracted a great number of regular customers from cities around Foshan. The dish uses fresh figs grown in the orchard and free-ranged chicken as the main ingredients. Once the water in the charcoal-fired pot is boiling, the chicken and figs are added, and when the meat is cooked through, the dish can be served.

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