Jinbang milk chips in Shunde: a taste of “Chinese cheese”
Foshan China 2023-01-13 20:07

Located on the left bank of the Xijiang River which has abundant water plants, Shunde District has a long history of breeding buffalo. There is little paddy field in Jinbang Village of Shunde District so people there raise buffalo and make a living by selling buffalo milk. Due to the unstable market demand and the difficulty in preserving milk, people in Jinbang make milk into crystal milk chips with vinegar and salt, which can be preserved for a long time.

Vinegar denatures the protein in milk and makes it coagulate while salt is a preservative. These two ingredients function together to turn the perishable milk into milk chips that can be kept fresh for a long time, which fully shows the intelligence of people.

Rich in protein and trace elements, the delicious milk chips can clear heat, stimulate the appetite and build up the body. It can be cooked with porridge or rice. When eating the delicacies, you can smell the creamy aroma in the air. This taste is deep in the memory of Shunde people.

Nowadays, there are many time-honored milk chip stores at the Jinbang Street. Trendy milk chip coffee shops also emerged, attracting many young people to experience the unique charm of “Chinese cheese”.

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