Longjiang Deep-fried Sesame Balls, a classic taste passed down for hundreds of years
Foshan China 2023-01-20 17:48

Deep-fried Sesame Balls (also called "Jiandui"), a symbol of happiness and wealth, is an indispensable food for Foshan people during the Spring Festival.

Longjiang Deep-fried Sesame Balls originated from the Ming Dynasty has been passed on for hundreds of years, With golden and round shape, crispy and sweet taste, it has become a well-known New Year snack in Lingnan area. In 2019, its making skill was included in the seventh batch of Foshan municipal intangible cultural heritage list.

A tasty Jiandui needs a dedicated input in making process and ingredients. First step is to boil the sugar until sticky, inject the filling, and quickly stir the popcorn and peanuts before the syrup solidifies.

After the filling is formed, pinching the skin, packaging and shaping will be completed at one time.

At last, put them into the hot oil. After about ten minutes, the Jiandui turns more golden and the goluptious smell filled the air.

The freshly fried Jiandui in a round-shape is golden in color, crispy in the skin, and sweet in taste.

Deng Yanguang, who has dedicated himself in making Jiandui for 30 years, was awarded as the representative inheritor of district-level Jiandui making technology (Longjiang, Shunde).

"Longjiang Jiandui characterized by a round shape and rich filling tastes sweet and crispy. It’s popular among the citizens in Lingnan Area." Deng Weiguang said, he will try to integrate innovative elements to further enhance the popularity of Longjiang Jiangdui and bring it Jiangdui into the vision of more young people.

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