Unlock the "Map of Delicacy" in Longjiang, Shunde
Foshan China 2023-03-23 17:32

Memory of a city often starts with its cuisine. Longjiang could be one ideal town to start the food hunting journey in Shunde.

A pot of tea with several kinds of dim sum, the taste of Longjiang may be hidden in these exquisite dim sum, or those lively tea houses.

The essence of Cantonese cuisine lies in the selection of ingredients, paying attention to the word "freshness", namely only for the seasonal foods. Rigorous, exquisite, rapid…with these principles, Cantonese cuisine has always been pursuing the ultimate in taste.

The art of cooking has been passed down from generation to generation. Richness, tenderness, crispiness… all kinds of flavor and mouthfeels intertwines with each other.

There is more than one expression of flavor. There is no limits for the combination of ingredients . Seasonings could be creative. It is believed that humanities hide in the cuisine, and innovation arise from inheritance. Inheritance is not simply conservative, and innovation also grounds on the roots. This is just the secret of Longjiang cuisine.

As one famous town of Lingnan Food Culture in China, Longjiang's food culture is reputed for its signature dishes, which have been listed in the "List of Chinese Regional Special Cuisine" by the China Cuisine Association. Welcome to Longjiang to explore the Shunde's flavor.

Restaurants Recommendation:

Longjiang Villa

Address: 325 National Road Longzhou West Road exit, Longjiang, Shunde

Renren Restaurant

Address: Suxi Avenue North intersection, Longjiang, Shunde

Lufu Villa

Address: No. 6, Shafu Food Street, Longjiang, Shunde


Address: No. 9, Fenghua North Road, Longjiang, Shunde

Taihe Villa

Address: No. 1, Chenchong Taihe Road, Longjiang, Shunde


Address: No. 10, Xixi Commercial Avenue, Longjiang, Shunde

Haidu Restaurant

Address: No. 6, Xinglong Road, Shunde District

Dashuiche Mansion

Address: Block B, No. 11, Tiyuyi Road, Longjiang, Shunde


Address: A Area 2 Dongxin Furniture Material City, Longjiang, Shunde

Taisheng Restaurant

Address: No. 68, Industrial Avenue, Shunde

Xishu Tea

Address: No. 151, Fenghua North Road, Shunde

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