Pre-made food contest brings a feast of flavor
Foshan China 2023-03-30 18:09

On March 28, the selection contest for the pilot projects of pre-made food standardization was held in Foshan. 20 pre-made food enterprises in Guangdong have introduced their products and presented the final cuisines. Through professional tasting and review, 10 of them were selected, in which 3 of them are from Foshan, making Foshan the top city in Guangdong.

With the theme of "With High Standard and Good Quality, Made in Guangdong to restore authenstic Cantonese Flavour", the contest aims to accelerate the progress of pre-made food standardization system, promote the coordinated development of agricultural products, ingredients, and cuisines, hence, stimulating the integration of the industry chain and the standardization along the whole process.

"We have already applied for one GBA Standard, and two more are on the way." Guo Jitai, director of the R&D center of Guangdong Pinzhen Fresh Technology Co., Ltd., one of the selected Foshan enterprises, said that Pinzhen Fresh Technology will further optimize the standardization in production process,and emplace precise controls in raw materials selection, ingredient processing, and logistics and distribution, aiming to deliver products to customers safely and securely.

In recent years, Foshan has strengthened the construction of standardization. Nowadays, there are 3 municipal pilot projects of standardization and 11 group standards. According to incomplete statistics, there has been 34 pre-made food enterprises (above scale) in Foshan, with an annual production capacity of 230,000 tons and an annual output value of 8.6 billion yuan.

Chen Weiming, vice mayor of Foshan, said that Foshan plans to build more than 3 provincial pre-made food industrial parks, cultivate 5 leading pre-made food enterprises with annual output value exceeding 100 million yuan, and 20 pre-made food characteristic brands in three years. Next, Foshan will take the selection contest as an opportunity to further promote the standardization and brand marketing of pre-made foods, implementing the integrated development of modern agriculture and modern food industry.

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