Tortoise Jelly: a century-old delicacy passed down over 130 years in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-04-14 16:44

If you could travel back in time using a time machine, where would you choose to go? What about Lunjiao Longtian Tortoise Jelly Culture Experience Museum? Here, you can experience the traditional techniques of tortoise jelly that dates back to 1889, which will really make up a special day for you.

The century-old method of making turtle jelly never fades away from people's mind. Nine rooms with green brick walls are hidden deep in Shunde, where the most fascinating Lingnan Cantonese culture is preserved. Walking into the Lunjiao Longtian Tortoise Jelly Culture Experience Museum, you can uncover the the exclusive secrets of the traditional turtle jelly-making skills.

Lunjiao Longtian tortoise jelly production techniques were created in 1889 during the Qing Dynasty by Feng Yuxiang, a local resident from Lunjiao Sub-district, Shunde. He studied tortoise jelly techniques in Wuzhou and handed it down from generation to generation. With over 130 years of inheriting, it has been included in the eighth batch of intangible cultural heritage in Shunde District.

Tortoise jelly is a unique Lingnan food using turtle shell and cuisine named after its main ingredients such as turtle shell and Sarsaparilla. Through the procedures of drying turtle shells and Sarsaparilla, boiling herbal grass juice, grinding rice milk, filtering, cooling, etc, a bowl of turtle jelly is successfully made.

(Photo from Shunde Museum)

As a traditional cultural heritage, the tortoise jelly has the function of clearing excess heat in the body and is loved by people from home and abroad.

Currently, the cultural experience hall not only displays the history of turtle jelly and Chinese herbal medicine, but also provides a culture experience for the younger generation to learn more traditional culture.

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