High-quality domestic blueberries harvested in Foshan
Foshan China 2023-05-15 17:56

The blueberries produced by Zhiyuan blueberry plantation in Lishui, Nanhai, are two or three times larger than the traditional ones. Remarkably, they are available in the market as early as January, while the traditional ones are on sales between April to September.

Why is it so special? Grounding on the research achievements of Professor Chen Riyuan's team from South China Agricultural University, Zhiyuan plantation adopts modern plantation technology, which precisely controls the nutrients input at every stage. As a result, this kind of blueberry has become popular in the market, now promoting in over 15 plantation bases, with a total plantation area of more than 410 acres.

Originated in North America, in the past decade, domestic blueberry's planting area has increased by 5 times and the total production has also increased by 84 times. However, there is still a shortage in supply. That is what Chen Riyuan strives to solve.

After 8 years of efforts, their team has successfully cultivated the "Nangao Series large blueberry" type, which is suitable for southern climate condition. "Last year I even saw a 42mm blueberry, which is bigger than my watch dial!" Chen Riyuan said proudly. Based on positive market signals, Chen Riyuan and his team are further promoting the plantation of Nangao blueberry this year.

Reporter | Tang

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Photo | Lishui Dreamy Water Land