Shunde initiates GBA's standarlisation of Cantonese dim sum and pre-made food
Foshan China 2023-05-18 11:32

Shunde Market Supervision Bureau recently held the meeting for 2023 GBA's standarlisation of Cantonese dim sum and pre-made food, taking the lead in establishing standards for cuisines. After intensive discussion by experts, scholars, associations, and enterprises from GBA, 6 Cantonese dim sums and 6 pre-made food were preliminarily listed for standarlisation.

The 6 listed Cantonese dim sums are all representative ones, among which Char Siu Bao, shrimp dumpling, Shumai and egg tarts are also known as the big four of Cantonese morning tea. For example, founded in Guangzhou in the early 20th century, shrimp dumpling is characterized by it's thin wrapper and delicious filling, which is suitable for all ages.

The establishment of standards for those cuisine will emplace more structural and consistent controls in ingredient selection, processing technology and procedure, to retain the authentic deliciousness of Cantonese cuisines, and promote it to the world.

Next, Shunde will accelerate the standardization in Cantonese dim sum and pre-made food industry, improve its worldwide reputation through better regulation in the inheritance, development, and innovation of food culture in GBA.

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