Wax gourd broth: remove heat in summer
Foshan China 2023-05-31 10:21

You may lose appetite in hot days. Why not try wax gourd broth, a very special dish in Foshan?


This dish is originated in the Qing Dynasty. Unlike other kinds of broth put in bowls, it is filled and simmered in a white gourd. The gourd will not break and the soup will not stay inside. In the eyes of chefs, old wax gourds with hard skin is the best choice to make the dish. To make the wax gourd "bowl", one should scoop out the pulp first.


Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that wax gourd has the effect of clearing heat, so it is one of the best dishes to taste in summer.


It includes eight ingredients, scallop, shrimps, chicken and duck kidney. Ribs and chestnuts are used to enhance the flavor. Finally, its simmered for two hours to concentrate the essence.


Eight ingredients of wax gourd soup


During simmering, the thick flesh of the wax gourd begins to soften, rich nutrients permeate the eight ingredients, and the flavor of the eight ingredients also permeates the pulp.



To make the dishes look more delicate, chefs also carve the skin of the wax gourd with various symbolic patterns.



When eating, you are recommended to use a spoon to scrape the pulp of white gourd to mix it with the soup.


Mini wax gourd broth


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