Discover unique flavours of Shunde in Jiuzhai Village
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In Daliang, Shunde, a village named Jiuzhai, west towards Shunfeng Mountain and east by the Guipan Lake, has a profound historical and cultural heritage. After being revitalized, it has become a small town that houses many popular and unique restaurants. Let's go into this characteristic town to experience local culture and taste food specialties in Shunde.

Dongfang Flavor

If you're looking for authentic Shunde dishes at a reasonable price, Dongfang Flavor could be a good choice. This home-style cuisine restaurant, located in Jiuzhai Village in Daliang, was once featured on the famous food documentary A Bite of Shunde. Come discover the treasures waiting for you here!

Mama Zhou's Milk Chips

Mama Zhou, a dessert diner in Jiuzhai Village is famous for its milk chips. Originally converted from a cow shed, the diner still retains the style of an old-fashioned courtyard. Its production techniques are recognized as intangible cultural heritage in Shunde, and a wide variety of Shunde desserts can be found here.

Coconut Milk (椰奶奶)

As soon as you enter the shop, you can see various medals hanging on the wall. The signature dish of the shop, coconut milk, is made with high-quality and mature coconuts imported from Vietnam. When blended with water buffalo milk and egg whites, this dish boasts a velvety smooth texture, along with an enticing aroma of both milk and coconut.

Mansheng House (漫笙舍)

This coffee shop, renovated from an old building, offers a tranquil setting in a garden filled with greenery and wooden furniture. The gentle music playing from the CD player creates peaceful ambience that makes it a perfect spot for coffee lovers.

Weekend Club

This coffee shop has been transformed into a stylish Ping-Pong-theme space. The decor is clean and simple, with numerous ping pong elements scattered throughout to showcase the cafe's attitude of enjoying life.

Orday Burger

This popular burger shop strives for fresh made-to-order meals. Each burger features a luscious and aromatic blend of cheese and juicy beef, with a satisfying explosion of flavor in every bite.

Address: Jiuzhai Village, Sugang Community, Daliang, Shunde

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