Traditional Foshan delicacies attract national attention
Foshan China 2023-07-05 17:16

With the broadcast of China's Rice Food Culture on July 1, a rice food culture exploration program launched by China Central Television, Foshan's rice culture surprised the audience with vinegar hot pot, Lunjiao cake, and Shiwan Yubingshao rice liquor.

Vinegar Hot Pot

Vinegar Hot Pot, known as the "liquid durian," is a specialty of Lubao in Sanshui. The soup base of the hot pot is made from fermented rice vinegar, which is made from cooked rice and glutinous rice. Ingredients such as chicken, pork trotters, pickled vegetables, sweet potatoes, and corns are served as accompaniments for the hot pot. With various ingredients added and longer boiling time, the vinegar pot will deliver a more appealing flavor.

Pork Belly with Green Beans Combined with Straws

It is a delicious and traditional dish made by green beans and selected pork belly tightened with straws.

Lunjiao Cake

Lunjiao Cake, as the rice cake with longest history in Shunde, is a typical Cantonese dim sum with simple ingredients -- only rice and sugar. The cake has a crystal-clear appearance and a refreshing, sweet, and chewy taste.

The essence of Lunjiao Cake lies in the way of tasting. After cooling down, the cake has the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, leaving a refreshing taste without being too sticky.

Shiwan Yubingshao Rice Liquor

The rice liquor is a popular soybean-flavored liquor with low alcohol content in the Lingnan region. Apart from its long history, it is also known for its jade-like color. The special brewing technique of the rice liquor, consisting of brewing indica rice and pork, was included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List of Guangdong Province in 2009.

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