Discover the Secrets of Longevity in Shunde's Delectable Cuisine
Foshan China 2023-07-26 17:44

In the heart of Shunde's Gulang village, where over 3,700 people reside, you'll find 38 elders aged 90 and above. What's their secret to longevity? The answer lies in the delightful and nourishing dishes of Shunde.

Shunde Herbal Tea: Cooling and Detoxifying

Shunde locals cherish the memories of their childhood, especially the experience of drinking a bowl of herbal tea. The initial bitterness is so intense that will give you a "chilling shock". But this seemingly simple herbal tea comes with multiple health benefits. 

Made from traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, the hot beverage helps clear heat, detoxify the body, quench thirst, and dispel internal dampness and heat. It's not just a tea, it's a traditional remedy passed down through generations.

Sauna Chicken: Nutritious and Savory

Combining the benefits of nourishing chicken and warming ginger, Shunde's Sauna Chicken is a delightful dish that nurtures the body and soul. The golden chicken skin, dripping with flavorful chicken oil, delivers a crispy and mouthwatering experience. 

The surprise comes after relishing the chicken – as the chicken is steamed, its juices drop into the rich broth, elevating the entire dish to new heights. The savory broth offers a sweet and refreshing taste that leaves you wanting more.

Porridge Hot Pot: Nourishing and Fresh

In the scorching summer, locals turn to Porridge Hot Pot to beat the heat. The denser porridge base locks in the nutrients of the ingredients, creating a velvety mouthfeel that's both delicious and soothing. The blend of fresh seafood, meat, and vegetables contributes to a rich and unforgettable dining experience, complemented by the nourishing and heat-clearing properties of the porridge.

Winter Melon Pot: Refreshing and Thirst-quenching

When the summer heat becomes unbearable, the Winter Melon Pot comes to the rescue. The tender melon absorbs the flavors of fresh ingredients, offering a refreshing relief. Naturally cooling and mildly sweet, the winter melon aids in clearing heat, quenching thirst, and detoxifying the body. 

Combined with a variety of nutritious soup ingredients, this pot serves up a delightful aroma and an exquisite taste.

Mouse Melon: Heat-clearing and Damp-drying

In the village of Shunde's Xingtan, you'll find a peculiar vegetable known as Sushu Melon or "Mouse Melon." Resembling tiny mice, these round and short vegetables with green patterns are mainly grown in Gulang, Jiyou, Nanlang, Beishui, and Longtan villages. Locals cherish them for their effects of dispelling dampness, clearing heat, and detoxifying the body - a popular choice during hot weather.

Apart from their unique appearance, Mouse Melon is rich in vitamin C and contains compounds that inhibit cancer cell growth, offering both health and beauty benefits. Cooked with fish or pork, this vegetable creates a delicate and delicious dish.

Shunde's secret to longevity lies within its delectable cuisine. As you venture into this culinary wonderland, relish the opportunity to nourish your body and uncover the mysteries of a long and healthy existence.

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