Celebrity Guests Savor Shunde's Dragon Boat Feast
Foshan China 2023-08-16 11:46

On August 11, the second episode of immersive food live show A Delicious Guess was released, putting Shunde once again under the spotlight.

Six celebrities including Ada Choi, Gong Linna, Wu Xin, Chipu, Wu Qian and Cai Zhuoyi have visited Fuyu Wellbeing Dragon Boat Hall in Leliu Sub-district, to experience the traditional dragon boat culture in Shunde, as well as the dragon boat feast.

Fuyu Wellbeing Dragon Boat Hall

Located in Leliu Fuyu Village, Fuyu Wellbeing Dragon Boat Hall, covering an area of 300 sqare meters, is decorated by green bricks and red tiles. By combining both traditional and modern techniques, it has presented various creative artworks.

Tiny Dragon Boat Making Technique was recognized as the eighth bath of district-level intangible cultural heritage in Shunde. It has shared the same procedure and materials as dragon boat making, and it's made in proportion to the original dragon boat size.

The dragon boat model comes with different specification, with regular or narrow width and length ranging from half meter to above 2 meters.

Dragon culture in Leliu

Leliu has prosperous dragon culture, including rituals like dragon boat "lifting" and cruise in Huanglian, dragon's eye dotting, dragon boat rapping, etc.

In June 2023, Leliu has incorporated different dragon cultural tradtions to host a dragon boat cultural month. From dragon boat "lifting" to dragon boat feast, Leliu has provided one-stop-for-all cultural experience relevant to dragon creatures.

On the third day of the fifth month in lunar year, dragon's eye dotting custom was held.

On June 22, Dragon Boat Cruise was held in Huanglian, Leliu.

Visitors also participated in the Dragon boat feast in Longyan Village, Leliu Sub-district.

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