Foshan Explores New Possibilities through Cross-industry Collaborations
Foshan China 2023-09-11 14:05

On September 4, the "Moutai-flavored latte" jointly launched by Luckin Coffee and Kweichow Moutai became a hot topic. This innovative cross-industry collaboration has successfully captured the attention of the public. In fact, Shiwan Baijiu Group in Foshan introduced the iconic Baijiu-Flavored coffee last year, receiving enthusiastic response on many social media platforms. Additionally, there are jewelry designs that incorporate elements of Lingnan gardens, and delicacies blending Shiwan pottery with zongzi and mooncakes, showing the charm of national intangible cultural heritage.

Baijiu-Flavored coffee gained widespread attention in Foshan

Last year, the cross-industry collaboration between Shiwan Baijiu Group and the coffee industry has created Taiji Chen Coffee, which garnered widespread attention.

Taiji Chen Coffee, as an outdoor coffee shop, incorporates traditional culture to create a space where people can relax and meditate even in the urban area. Visitors can enjoy their coffee under the lychee and banyan trees, allowing them to calm their minds and experience a peaceful moment amidst the bustle. Moreover, located around the Lingnan Wine Culture Museum, the coffee shop enables visitors to truly appreciate the cultural charm that has been passed down through history.

The "Liqueur Mocha" has become the best-selling coffee at Taiji Chen Coffee shop, attracting customers who want to try a unique blend of Baijiu and coffee.

Perfect fusion of Liang's Garden culture and jewelry

Liang Xiaowen, a young designer in Chancheng, has successfully integrated the traditional cultural elements of Liang's Garden into her jewelry design, aiming to promote the beauty of Lingnan garden worldwide.

The jewelry design draws inspiration from the traditional architecture of Liang's garden. The design features elements such as embroidered windows, the Moon Cave Gate, and Wok-ear Walls, reflecting the beauty and cultural significance of Lingnan heritage.

Shiwan pottery + mooncakes: a combination of delicacy and fun

Shiwan Pottery's creative endeavors have become a regular occurrence. In addition to launching Shiwan pottery-themed zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival, they have also introduced creative mooncakes for several consecutive years.

This year's innovative mooncakes offer a blend of traditional and new flavors, including classic red bean filling with dried tangerine peel, as well as trendy options like mocha coffee, matcha lava, and cheese lava. With a crispy crust and a variety of indulgent fillings, these mooncakes capture the essence of the Mid-Autumn Festival, adding a touch of sweetness to the joyous reunion.

This year, Shiwan Pottery not only focuses on the delicate appearance and auspiciousness of mooncakes, but also attaches great importance to the packaging design. The paper-cutting design on the box, such as the Nafeng Ancient Kiln, symbolizes the gathering of young talents and showcases the open, inclusive, and innovative spirit of Foshan.

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Photo | Guangdong Shiwan Pottery Museum, Chancheng Converged Media Center