Savoring Shunde① | Shunde Sashimi, a burst of freshness upon the palate
Foshan China 2023-11-20 16:51

Thin as cicada wings, delicately enticing, Shunde sashimi in Foshan is a delightful, refreshing and sweet glide upon the palate.

Foshan, located in the fertile plains of the Pearl River Delta with a crisscrossing river network, is known as a region abundant in fish and rice.

Foshan locals adore fish in every aspect, with a bold saying: “Once out of Foshan, no more fish.” The best way to enjoy fish here is in its pure, fresh form—eat it raw.

In Shunde, Foshan, crafting a delectable plate of sashimi is an art. The grass carp, sourced from the river ponds, undergoes a meticulous process. These fish are raised in 12℃clear water, undergoing a process of slimming down, shedding fat, and purging impurities to achieve a rejuvenated state.

The custom for enjoying Sashimi is "Order now, slice now, and eat now". Consuming it raw preserves the authentic flavor of the fish.

Accompanied by garlic slices, ginger, scallion threads, crushed peanuts, etc, the combination enhances the overall texture.

As the saying goes, the taste of freshness lies in its raw method. Sashimi, a culinary delight with a history of 1500 years, preserves its unique flavor that tantalizes the taste buds, leaving its mark in Foshan.