Delicious Claypot Rice in Foshan Recommended
Foshan China 2023-12-04 16:03

As the weather isgetting cold, it is the perfect time to enjoy a claypot rice! For example, preserved meat rice, claypotrice with beef and eggs, eel claypot rice, claypotrice with spare ribs in black bean sauce are some iconic dishes which all smell, look and taste great.

Among the various types of claypot rice, the most classical one is preserved meat rice! As theautumn wind blows, tasting preserved meat rice has become a tradition among the citizens of southern area during autumn and winter. Additionally, many individuals also have a custom of curing and drying meats such as sausages, preserved duck, bacon. The renowned claypot rice serves as an excellent choice for nourishing in the autumn.

Not only the appearance of the preserved meat rice attracts people, but the smell and sound are also addictive!

When it comes to claypot rice, you should not miss the eel one! Autumn and winter are the most fertile seasons for eels, offering not only a superb taste but also rich nutrition.

Talking about the pigeon kidney rice, you will be attracted by the taste. The juicy taste of pigeon kidney has perfected absorbed by the rice, making each bite of rice is rich in flavour. No one can withstand its temptation!


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