Foshan Winter Food Guide Unveils Seasonal Delight
Foshan China 2023-12-12 15:07

"As the autumn wind blows, it's time for drying preserved meat." The season of fragrant aromas has arrived, with families adorning their eaves, railings, and windows with various preserved meat.

These unique Foshan preserved meat are highly recommended! Have you tried them?

Preserved Duck Bundle

In 2019, the production skill of Danjia preserved duck bundle was included in the list of Foshan intangible cultural heritage projects. A duck wing, a duck chin, a piece of preserved meat are marinated and dried with duck intestines. After firmly tying these three pieces a few circles around, a preserved duck is made.

Afterwards, it will be exposed to sunlight for 1-2 days to facilitate the intermingling of grease, thereby enhancing the richness and taste of the preserved duck's flavor.

Lubao Dried Fish

In 2018, Lubao Dried Fish obtained the "Registration Certificate of National Geographic Trademark", "National Brand". Behind these honors, it is the excellency carried out across the whole process, from ingredient selection to air drying. Each step shows the ultimate pursuit of the quality, which is to maximize the freshness, chewy and firmer of the fish.

Sauced Dace

Among many types of fish, Shunde people love dace deeply. As a traditional food custom in Shunde, the dace selected should be weighted 1.6 - 2.2 pounds. The key exclusive sauces are added after a series of fillets, marinating and drying. After the mix of bean paste, garlic, coriander, lemon leaves, sugar, the sauce will be applied on the fish equally. After the exposure to wind and sunlight, the sauce flavor is integrated with the dried fish. Then the fish can shine on the table with simple steaming.


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