First Wenchang Chicken Public Brand Standard Demonstration Store Launches in Shunde
Foshan China 2023-12-14 10:09

On December 12, the opening ceremony of Wenchang Chicken Public Brand Promotion and Wenchang Chicken (Shunde Station) Cultural Publicity Exhibition Hall and theme experience Restaurant was held in China International (Shunde) Prepared Dishes Trading Center. This marks the official operation of the first Hainan Wenchang Chicken public brand standard demonstration store in Shunde. Citizens can taste the authentic Wenchang chicken in Shunde. Next, the two provinces will deepen cooperation, strengthen complementary advantages, and boost industrial development.

As the most famous traditional dish in Hainan Province, Wenchang Chicken has a history of more than 400 years. It is known as the first of Hainan's "Four famous dishes" because of its smooth and tender meat, fat but not greasy. It is not only known as Hainan intangible cultural heritage and China's national geographical indication products, but also recognized as a national livestock and poultry genetic resources protection species.

In recent years, Wenchang City has expedited the establishment of a high-quality development system for the Wenchang Chicken industry, aiming to construct the public brand of Wenchang Chicken as an exemplary business card leading industrial integration. This endeavor contributes to promoting high-quality agricultural development and rural revitalization by effectively leveraging resource advantages into brand and economic benefits, while continuously enhancing the popularity and influence of the Wenchang Chicken brand.

This public brand promotion activity has deepened the industrial cooperation between Shunde and Wenchang, and promoted the creation of a new pattern of Wenchang chicken industry brand with excellent varieties, good quality and strong brands.

Currently, the Shunde Wenchang chicken prepared dish is receiving increasing attention. With Shunde as its core, and leveraging the unified public brand of Wenchang Chicken, with the help of modern cold chain preservation logistics technology and prefabricated vegetable processing technology, Shunde is driving the comprehensive integration of the entire Wenchang chicken industry chain. This ensures that the authentic flavor of Wenchang chicken can be fragrant in the "world's Gastronomy Capital", representing not only the taste of Wenchang chicken but also the taste of Shunde.

Shunde Prepared Food industry Development Association Executive President, Secretary General Luo Yingyan stated that it is not only the transmission of taste, but also the inheritance of culture. Shunde has irreplaceable advantages in promoting the development of the prepared dish industry, and she hopes to take this event as an opportunity to further deepen the cooperation between the two provinces, and jointly create a new industrial world through good technology and technology.

As the first Hainan Wenchang Chicken public brand standard demonstration store, Wenchang Chicken Culture Publicity Exhibition Hall and theme experience restaurant are located in China International (Shunde) Prepared Dishes Trading Center. With the help of Shunde's "World's Gastronomy Capital" platform and influence, Wenchang Chicken brand has opened up a broader space for the development of Guangdong and Hainan. The two provinces will achieve a higher level of mutual benefit and common development in deepening cooperation.

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