Enjoy Foshan's Hot Pot Delight in Frozen Weather
Foshan China 2023-12-19 11:50

As the temperature drops swiftly recently, it's time for Foshan people to have hot pot. Different from Sichuan and Chongqing hotpot, in Foshan, we have nutritious local specialty hot pot.

A pot of water conquers the taste buds

There are thousands of hot pot types in the world, but only Foshan's soup pot emphasizes the original flavor. The only secret that conquers people's taste buds is the fresh ingredients. For example, pork liver should be thickly sliced, beef tendon should be trimmed, and pork cheek meat should be half fat and half thin.

The fresh water hot pot has its rules, meat must be poured into boiling water in turn, scooped up quickly when cooked. While the ingredients are still steaming hot, dip them in soy sauce and taste them. The fresh water has its taste, which is fascinating.

Fish fillets are Foshan people's favorite. Do not overcook the fish fillet, otherwise, they will become might disintegrate in the pot. When the fish gradually shrinks and rolls, it is ready to serve.

There is no rice but rice fragrant overflowing

After careful boiling, the rice grains in a porridge hotpot are dissolved into water, which can not only retain the nutritional value of the rice grains but also stimulate the fresh taste of the ingredients.

Originally from Shunde, the non-rice porridge hot pot combines the traditional Lingnan porridge with the soup pot. The porridge base is prepared by boiling fragrant rice and chicken soup, with the rice residue removed to ensure a smooth and sticky taste of the soup.

This is the wisdom of the non-rice porridge. Although there is no rice grains, it maintains a certain consistency, making the fish more fresh and slippery, locking the flavor of the dish.

For the non-rice hot pot, the order in which ingredients are added is very important. The seafood and shellfish always lay at the bottom of the hot pot. Fish, meat, and vegetables appear in turn, which can maximize the freshness of the food.

With the weather getting cold, it is enjoyable to sit with a group of people around the fire boiler, watching over a pot of boiling soup. Foshan hot pot, let's indulge!

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