Savoring Local Festive Delicacies in Foshan | Crispy Pastry Dumpling
Foshan China 2024-01-29 14:29

As the Lunar New Year approaches, locally inspired festive delicacies take center stage as the most beloved traditional treats among citizens. With just a dozen days left until the Spring Festival, many households in the city are firing up their woks to craft seasonally appropriate traditional delights. This practice is not only a way to share the joy of the New Year but also a cultural legacy intertwined with familial bonds.

Crispy Pastry Dumpling: a crispy and indulgent delicacy

Over the past few nights, after wrapping up a day's work, Chen Weiping, residing near Gaoming Cinema, returns home to busy herself with preparing 'New Year's goods.' Many neighbors affectionately refer to Chen Weiping as 'Sister Ping,' and her crafted festive treats are cherished for their generous fillings and crispy texture, winning the hearts of the local community.

The wrapped Crispy Pastry Dumpling

Sister Ping is making Crispy Pastry Dumpling. The dumplings are filled with a mixture of roasted peanuts, sesame seeds, and other ingredients such as sugar and coconut shavings.

The art of wrapping the dumplings involves a careful balance to avoid overfilling, preventing any mishaps during the sealing process.

Ensuring a secure seal is crucial to prevent any filling from leaking during the frying process.

The filling are peanut bits and coconut shavings.

Frying the dumplings requires precision, with the need to flip them at the right moment until both sides achieve a golden-brown hue. The final step involves carefully removing the dumplings and allowing them to cool.

Crispy Pastry Dumpling

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