Savoring Foshan's festive delicacies during this Spring Festival
Foshan China 2024-02-08 17:49

As the 'World Capital of Gastronomy', Foshan locals know that celebrating the Lunar New Year is synonymous with indulging in a gastronomic extravaganza! Discover the Must-Try New Year Delicacies in Foshan:


Foshan, particularly Nanhai's Jiujiang Jiandui, renowned for symbolizing 'abundance of wealth' with its main ingredients of glutinous rice flour, sliced sugar, peanuts, pop rice, white sesame seeds, and tangerine chips.

Lunjiao Cake

This naturally cooled delicacy strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and sourness. Its refreshing taste, chewy texture, and subtle aftertaste make it an indispensable treat during the Chinese New Year.

Chencun Rolled Rice Noodle

When in Foshan during the Spring Festival, locals recommend Chencun Rolled Rice Noodle. Steamed to perfection with a thickness of only 0.5-0.7 millimeters, they are silky smooth. Topped with fragrant oil, soy sauce, pickled ginger, and fried sesame, they offer an incredibly aromatic and soft dining experience.

Poon Choi

Foshan's culinary finesse shines in the steaming Poon Choi. This steaming pot of goodness not only marks a grand ceremonial reunion but also embodies Foshan's deep-rooted dedication to family unity.

Crispy Pastry Dumpling

For a prosperous year ahead resembling the lusciousness of a well-oiled wok, Foshan residents prepare Crispy Pastry Dumpling. Shaped like 'money bags' and varying in sizes, they carry wishes for a prosperous and harmonious family life.

Laifen (Rice Flour Noodle)

A must-have for residents in Gaoming during the Chinese New Year, symbolizing longevity and lasting happiness, it's a fitting dish for the festive season.

Preserved Meats

A traditional custom in Guangdong, relishing preserved meats during the Lunar New Year, including sausages, cured pork, and cured pigskin. High-quality cured meat with its rich, sweet wine flavor is irresistibly appetizing.

Roast Suckling Pig

Crispy-skinned roast suckling pig is an indispensable dish for Foshan residents during the Chinese New Year's Eve dinner, symbolizing vitality and prosperity.


The saying goes, 'No banquet is complete without chicken.' Foshan residents adorn their New Year's tables with various chicken dishes, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity.


Pronounced similarly to 'surplus,' fish is a staple at Foshan’s New Year feasts, symbolizing abundance year after year. Foshan's unique style of fish preparation adds a touch of anticipation.

Apart from Foshan's traditional delicacies, the city's Lunar New Year festivities include a myriad of culinary events. Don't miss the Lingnan New Year Food Carnival, Gaoming District's grand feast for a thousand guests, and Sanshui District's Spring Festival Temple Fair. These events offer a delightful variety of Cantonese flavors, ensuring your holiday is filled with unique gastronomic experiences!

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