​Traditional Folk Event: Lettuce Feast in Shishan Guanyao, Nanhai
Foshan China 2024-03-06 17:26

On March 6, the Shishan Guanyao Lettuce Feast is held at Fengshan Ancient Temple.

History of Guanyao Lettuce Feast

As an intangible cultural heritage project in Guangdong Province, the history of the event is over 400 years. In the Qing Dynasty, the activities of the Lettuce Feast mainly included worshipping the statue of white-clothed Guanyin, eating lettuce packages, and watching operas, etc.

Lettuce Package With Good Wishes

Eating lettuce packages is the classic activity of the Lettuce Feast. The lettuce package is to get a suitable sized lettuce and fill vermicelli, shrimp, sour cabbage stir-fried with clams, fried rice, etc., then wrap them up into small packages and dip some sauces to eat.

The fillings of the lettuce package have lots of good meanings. Lettuce symbolizes wealth; braised pork with mushrooms symbolizes the prosperity of the family; fried rice with sausage symbolizes abundant harvest, and vermicelli symbolizes longevity. Therefore, eating lettuce packages at the Lettuce Feast is an important traditional custom in China.

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