Foshan's Blueberry Supplies to Hong Kong SAR For First Time
Foshan China 2024-03-26 09:44

On March 21, more than 1000 catty blueberries produced by Zhihao Blueburry Base was shipped from Lishui Town, Nanhai District to Hong Kong SAR, marking the first time that Foshan's blueberries were supplied to Hong Kong. "These blueberries are picked and packaged on the first day, loaded onto trucks on the next day, and delivered to Hong Kong in just 3 hours. The geographical advantage allows customers to taste the freshest blueberries," said Huang Zhizhang, Deputy General Manager of Zhihao Blueberries.

Zhihao Blueberry

1320 catty blueberries from Foshan supply to Hong Kong for first time

Huang stated that, the peak time for harvesting might be arrived in a few days, with around a hundred people picking daily and an estimated daily yield of 3000 to 5000 catty.

Moreover, he explained that there are 1320 catty blueberries supplied to Hong Kong this time, with a product value of about HKD 170,000, and the retail price in Hong Kong is expected to reach around HKD 260 per catty.

Workers are picking blueberries on the farm.

"Currently many blueberries sold in Hong Kong are imported from places like Chile, with generally small fruit diameters. Moreover, after a long transportation, they are no longer in the freshest condition," Huang said. In comparison, all blueberries supplied by Zhihao have a fruit diameter of over 18mm, with many reaching 22mm or even 26mm, and they can arrive in Hong Kong within a day, maintaining a fresh taste, which is a significant advantage.

Currently Zhihao Blueberry Base covers an area of 126 mu, with a planting area of 101 mu. The first batch of blueberries was planted in May 2023, which is releasing to the market from January to the end of April. It is expected to reach, a yield of 1500 catty per mu this year, with this number climbing to the peak in the next two to three years.

Freshly picked blueberries.

Lishui Blueberry Production Base Exceeds 1,000 mu

Lishui, as an industrial powerhouse in Nanhai, has an area of 76,500 mu for planting. In the past two years, Lishui has utilized 11,200 mu of combination farmland and introduced 15 modern agricultural projects.

Focusing on "Plant Industry+," some agriculture enterprises such as Huadou and Haolan have cultivated new soybean and blueberry varieties.

Today, Lishui town has a blueberry production base of over 1,000 mu, spaning four villages (communities) including Yaotou, Jinli, Xinlian, and Caochang, involving four major planting projects: Haolan, Zhixu, Zhihao, and Caiyuan, with a yield value of 200,000 yuan per mu.

Blueberries are large and sweet.

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