Yuan Ji Food's Headquarters and Production Base Settle in Shunde, Foshan
Foshan China 2024-04-24 14:28

On April22, Guangdong Yuan Shun Food Co., Ltd. successfully bade the land north of Huanzhen South Road and west of Chuangxing 3rd Road, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan. This place will be used to build the headquarters and production base of Guangdong Yuan Ji Food Group (hereinafter referred to as "Yuan Ji"), with a total investment of up to 2 billion yuan, marking a new development of the food industry in Shunde.

This projectcovers an area of 90 mu, planning to build the headquarters and production base. The total investment is 2 billion yuan, including 800 millionyuan in fixed assets. According to the scheme,there will bevarious core facilities such as the national production base, operation center, settlement center, etc.,showcasing the ambition of Yuan Ji Food for its future development.

Yuan Jiwas established in 2012. As a modern food enterpriseintegrating independent development, production, distribution and sales, its products range from dumplings, wontontonoodle products.After more than 10years of market exploration and brand precipitation, Yuan Ji has cultivatedmultiple food brands, such as Yuan Ji Yun Jiao, Yuan Liang Hong, and Yuan Ji Wei Xiang,become a leading brand in the domestic dumpling market with over 3,500 chain stores spreadingacross 161 large and medium-sized cities in China.

(Photo provided by Yuan Ji Yun Jiao)

Since the start of the investment for this project, Shunde has actively promoted the cooperationacrossdistricts and towns, formed special teams, and solved many issues, such as temporary offices, talent apartments, and children's enrollment for the project.As early as December 27,2023, Yuan Ji Food moved its headquarters officially to Lecong Town, Shunde District.

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