Authentic Flavors! These Foshan Delicacies Are Worth Tasting
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What are the signature flavors in Shunde, Foshan? Here is the itinerary of Shunde authentic dessert.

Double Skin Milk

Double Skin Milk is a Guangdong specialty and intangible cultural heritage cuisine with a history of nearly a century, originating from Shunde's Daliang. The key to it lies in its two layers of skin, with the upper layer being sweet and the lower layer smooth. The old and reputable double skin milk shop named Minxin Shop, is a beacon of culinary excellence for several generations of Shunde locals.

When you visit Minxin for the dessert, you can also visit the double skin milk custard museum to learn about its production process!

Recommended restaurants: Minxin, Renxin, Jinbang Milk Shop, etc.

Signature dishes: Double skin milk custard, whole coconut milk pudding, ginger milk pudding, tortoise jelly

Milk Chip

Milk Chip is one of Shunde's traditional delicacies. Well-made milk slices are slightly salty with a hint of sweetness, earning them the nickname "Eastern Cheese." They are especially delicious when paired with porridge, with a rich milky flavor that lingers.

Aunt Zhou's Milk primarily produces traditional Daliang milk, with its traditional production technique being recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of Foshan's old brands in 2020.

When you visit Aunt Zhou's Milk, you can taste the most authentic Shunde milk chip, participate in the milk chip production process yourself, and visit the garden-style dessert shop!

Recommended restaurants: Aunt Zhou's Milk, Jinbang Tidi Milk Shop

Signature dishes: Shunde milk chip, refreshing ge water, lotus seed and red bean double skin milk custard

Daliang Butterfly-shaped Fried Cookie

One of Guangdong's famous traditional snacks, Daliang Butterfly-shaped Fried Cooki’s production technique has been listed in the ninth batch of intangible cultural heritage of Shunde. It is golden yellow on the outside, fragrant to the nose, and crispy and delicious to eat, leaving a lingering fragrance on the palate. Many tourists visiting Shunde like to buy it as a souvenir.

Recommended restaurant: Li Xiji

Signature dishes: Daliang Butterfly-shaped Fried Cookie

Stir-Fried Milk

Stir-fried milk is a specialty traditional snack from Daliang, Shunde. The tender stir-fried milk resembles coagulating droplets, with shrimp embedded in the milk, resembling a plate of white jade inset with pale pink pearls, making it a unique dish in Lingnan, tempting the taste buds.

Recommended restaurants: Dingwen Naihuang, Jufu Villa

Signature dishes: Stir-fried milk, fried milk, steamed milk rolls

Lunjiao Cake

Lunjiao cake tastes refreshing and chewy, not overly sweet, with a subtle taste of rice paste. As you continue to chew, the sweetness turns slightly sour, leaving a faint aftertaste.

Recommended restaurants: Huanjie Lunjiao Cake, Yaoji Pastry

Chencun Rice Noodles

A bowl of Chencun rice noodles carries countless food memories of Shunde locals and can be found from breakfast to late-night snacks. Made through a dozen or so processes, Chencun rice noodles must be thin, crispy, smooth, and soft, with each complementing its unique taste when paired with different condiments.

When it comes to eating Chencun rice noodles, one cannot ignore Huang Junji, founded in 1927. As a century-old brand, Huang Junji still adheres to traditional methods. Rice paste is ground with a millstone, and after a dozen or so processes, Chencun rice noodles are made, known for being "thin, crispy, smooth, and soft," renowned throughout the streets and alleys.

Recommended restaurants: Huang Junji Chencun Rice Noodles

Signature dishes: Braised beef brisket Chencun rice noodles, curry beef brisket Chencun rice noodles, Meat sauce Chencun rice noodles

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