Have you ever tasted Foshan's Number One Bamboo Shoot?
Foshan China 2024-05-16 17:11

Today, let's explore together the Shakou bamboo shoots from Zhangcha, Chancheng, one of the origins of Lingnan culture, located at the source of the Fen River in Foshan.

Local villagers discovered that bamboo shoots growing in sandy soil here are sweeter and crunchier than those from mountainous areas. Thus, they began widespread cultivation of bamboo shoots as a cash crop.

Around the Dragon Boat Festival, with abundant rainfall, Shakou bamboo shoots are in their prime growing phase. Renowned for their sweet and fresh taste without any residue, Shakou bamboo shoots have gained fame and even graced state banquet tables.

Previously, Zhangcha had numerous bamboo shoot factories, and Shakou bamboo shoot dried products had already been exported. However, as industrialization accelerated, the quantity of Zhangcha bamboo shoots gradually decreased.

To preserve this fragrant delicacy, Zhangcha actively holds events such as the National Bamboo Shoot Food Culture Festival and the Bamboo Shoot King Competition. Today, Shakou bamboo shoots not only serve as a culinary name card but also symbolize Foshan's culinary culture heritage and innovation.

A classic dish is braised bamboo shoots with oyster sauce. After boiling, large pieces of bamboo shoots will then be stir-fried, seasoned with oyster sauce, and served. This simple vegetarian dish rivals any meat stir-fry.

For those who enjoy rich flavors, braised bamboo shoots with goose, pork knuckle, or beef brisket are good choices. The meat becomes tender in the rich sauce. Another authentic cooking method is adding bamboo shoots to congee. Strips of crispy Shakou bamboo shoots are added to fish congee, enhancing its aroma and flavor.

The simpler the preparation, the more original flavor is retained. Drizzled with a specially seasoned soy sauce, the crispy bamboo shoots emit a subtle fragrance of bamboo amidst the savory soybean flavor. The combination of saltiness, sweetness, crispiness, freshness, and savoriness in a small slice of bamboo shoot conquers the taste buds of diners with its modest yet rich taste.

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