Varied artistic works staged in the second Foshan Art Triennial
Foshan China 2021-08-04 09:50
On the morning of July 30th, the second Foshan Art Triennial (western painting direction) opened in Foshan Shijingyi Art Museum. The exhibition selected 65 western paintings created by 11 young artists who work and live in Foshan, including oil painting, watercolor, etc. More than 100 artists from Guangzhou and Foshan attended the exhibition.


Since 2018, Foshan Shijingyi Art Museum has been independently planning the triennial in line with idea of “innovation, academy, profession, contemporaneity". Divided into three directions of west painting, Chinese painting, calligraphy, the triennial aims to promote the development of cultural undertakings and industries. This year, the 2nd Foshan Art Triennial (western painting direction) arrived as scheduled.

Jiang Shan, "Allegory of Space" (江山 《空间的寓言》 )


Liu Laifei, "A Dream of Sunset in Hometown" (刘来妃 《梦见故乡的斜阳》)


Sun Hongmin, vice chairman of Guangdong Artists Association and president of the 4th Guangdong Youth Painting Academy, is the director of the nomination committee of this exhibition. Sun Hongmin said, "I determined to add the illustration to the exhibition in the first round of communication, and I was surprised my proposal has been recognized. I hope the work will better present a new appearance and academic level of western painting art creation in Foshan in recent years."


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Liang Jiang, former deputy director of the National Art Museum of China has been concerned about the development of Foshan arts for a long time. He believed the exhibition reflects the exploration and achievements of Foshan art world, "11 young artists in professional colleges have received systematic professional training, and their works reflect their real feelings in life. Displaying the art with unique art language is a new trend of Foshan art industry, and it embodies the vitality in Foshan."


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