Concert Tour of Qiandenghu Lake Music Festival is coming!
Foshan China 2021-10-20 11:14
The first concert of 2021 Foshan Qiandenghu Lake Music Festival will be held on this Saturdays evening (Oct. 23rd) at BNS Basketball Park, Guicheng, Nanhai, Foshan.

 2020 Foshan Qiandenghu Lake Music Festival 

As an annual cultural event, the music festival has become an important name card of the city. This year, Guicheng firstly proposed the concept Park+”, so the music festival has transformed large outdoor activities into a "Park Life & Culture Festival".


Time: 2021/10/23; 10/24; 11/13; 11/14

Form: From October to November, 4 mini concerts will be held in the parks and commercial areas in Guicheng. New or old bands with different styles will perform on the spot.


The first show: Anime & Hip Hop

Time: Oct. 23th 19:30-21:30

Location: BNS Basketball Park

Band: 灵山村帮, OneToFree

 BNS Basketball Park (pic via Song Ziyan)



This band comes from Lingshan, a village in Nansha District of Guangzhou. It is the first local music & culture band styling pop and hip hop with Nanshas time-honored dialect.


Songs like Welcome to Nansha, Lingshan Fatty, Is this Summers Taste are popular among audience in the Pearl River Delta.



One To Free

This is a very dynamic pop rock band in Guangzhou. The repertoire spans from mandarin to Cantonese, covering Pop, Rock & ACG. The band conveys the faith of youth, blood and determination, motivating fans to forge ahead!



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