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The coming Spring Festival has brought an air of celebration to everywhere in Foshan. Lets take a look at these wonderful activities during the Spring Festival!



 Tickets of Liang’s Garden sent for free



To encourage more citizens to celebrate the Spring Festival in Foshan and feel the charm of local culture, Foshan will issue nearly 20,000 free tickets of Foshan Liang’s Garden every day from January 27 to February 15 (except January 31).




From January 25, citizens can get free tickets through Wechat “禅城区博物馆” and make reservation to visit the garden. The maximum number of free tickets per day is 1,000 and each one can appoint 4 tickets at most.




Spring Festival Art Fair




The 2022 Spring Festival Art Fair held in Chancheng Four Seasons Art Gallery will be opened on the first day of the Chinese New Year. Ten Spring Festival theme activities, including classical music concert, parent-child activities and art fair, will surely give you a festive Spring Festival.




Time: February 1 to February 15



Moonlit Nights in Lishui



Moonlit Nights in Lishui was kicked off on January 21st. "Past + Present + Future" is the main line throughout the whole journey. When the night falls, all kinds of bright light create a romantic and warm atmosphere. Come here with your friends and have a wonderful night in the sea of flowers!




Tips: Reservation is needed before getting in the park. You can make your reservation by subscribing “梦里水乡” Wechat account. More info: "Moonlit Nights in Lishui" opens today”.

Time: January 21 to 30



Spring Festival Carnival in Xiqiao Town




Taking the New Year customs of enjoying flowers and blessing for good luck as the main line, a series of activities will be presented such as Tianhu Lake Art Exhibition, the Tour of Appreciating Flowers, experiencing Lingnan customs, etc., showing the tourists a profound and interesting cultural feast.



时间:2022 年1月-2 月 15 日

Time: January 1 to February 15



Shunde District Literary and Art Exhibition



As a high-level exhibition in Shunde District, there are a total of 168 literary and artistic works in city and district level from 2020-2021, all of which are displayed in real objects or pictures. Among the works on display, some of them have been selected in the 13th National Art Exhibition, showing citizens the charm of high-level artworks.


时间 :1月25日——1月29日,2月4日——2月6日,2月8日——2月13日

January 1 to 29,February 4 to 6,February 8 to 13



Garden Party in Yingxiang Ecological park




The Garden Party will start from February 1 and it will last for 3 months. With different themes in each month, citizens can see hundreds of flowers like geranium, antirrhinum majus, corn poppy, lavender, cherry, etc., showing the strong festive flavor of the Chinese New Year.




Famous fine oil paintings for free entry



On January 26, the Famous Oil Painting Artists Exhibition by GBA Artist Alliance Oil Painting Art Committee opened in the Sanshui District Cultural Center.




This exhibition houses more than 500 fine paintings by oil painting masters such as Wang Xiaoshu and Lin Yongkang. Among them, Graduate created by Lin Yongkang, director of the China Artists Association and national first-level artist has highlighted the spirit of the young people in the new era by means of realism.



Time: January 26 to March 26


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