​Immersive visual arts of lotus flowers staged in Sanshui
Foshan China 2021-09-29 09:27

An art exhibition with the theme of “Beauty of Lotus Flowers” was kicked off in Sanshui Cultural Center on September 26, where artworks by Su Xiaofeng, including Gongbi paintings (traditional Chinese painting), ceramic works and carved jades. Besides, creative cultural products like lotus-flavor tea and lotus-stuffed cakes are also on display. Visitors are also blessed with a chance to appreciate the tea ceremonies and Guzheng show. Everyone here can immerge themselves into a world of lotus flowers.



Sanshui: a place inspiring lotus-themed artworks


Lotus flowers are born in water and nurtured by water; and Sanshui, where  three rivers meet, is famous for the culture of lotus flowers.



The painter and lotus enthusiast, Su Xiaofeng, attracted by the lotus in Sanshui, started to create the artworks about lotus.


In his paintings, lotuses in spring look lively, summer vibrant, autumn doleful and winter resilent.


An immersive cultural trip provided to learn about lotus flowers


Reportedly, the show will last till November 26. From 10 am to 11 am during the National Day Holiday (from October 1 to 7), cultural interactive activities will be held.




Through concert, poetry recitation and fashion show, visitors are able to get a close contact to lotus culture through sound, sight, taste and touch. Come and join this amazing exploration trip in Sanshui!


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