Global solicitation for Foshan city slogan
Foshan China 2021-09-23 16:57


Who am I?


Across the boundless galaxy and onto the extensive Earth, I am a shiny jewel in Pearl River Delta in Guangdong, China.


photo by He Yingbiao


Neighboring Guangzhou from the east, and Hong Kong and Macao from the north, I am home to the centuries-old Xiqiao Mountain, with a nickname as “the Beacon of Civilization in Pearl River Delta”.


Coming from afar in the course of time where turmoil and peace took place alternately, I was reputed as one of top four commercial hubs (with Beijing, Hankou and Suzhou), and one of Top Four Famous Towns (with Haizhou, Jingde and Zhuxian).


With strong commitment to knowledge and education, I am the Hometown of Number One Scholars (the top ranking of Imperial examination in ancient China), in which Kang Youwei, Tan Pingshan and Chen Qiyuan and many other elites were born since modern China.


I am all about the world-renowned Bruce Lee, Yip Man and Wong Fei-hung and the unsolved mystery of Foshan Shadowless Kick.


I am one major chapter of China’s epic reform and opening up policy that was rolled out in 1979, and with pioneering spirit, I have written down the legendary history of Four Kwong Tung Tigers (Shunde, Nanhai, Zhongshan and Dongguan).


Never encircled by walls since ancient times, I have been the ideal destination for dreamers, dwellers from both neighboring areas and farther sides of the world, as well as the City of Gastronomy attracting passionate diners from across the globe.



Home to a small town that gathers two "World Top 500" enterprises, I ranked the 17th among Chinese cities topping trillion yuan in GDP.


I am also crowned with tons of big names - City of Ceramics in South China, Hometown of Cantonese Opera, Famous Home of Lion Dance & Dragon Boat Race, Hometown of Patent Medicine in Lingnan, etc.


This is who I am - Foshan, China, the third largest economic powerhouse in Guangdong Province. I am in every single way - “Model Foshan”, the first pilot city to carry out comprehensive reform in manufacturing upgrading; “Intelligent Foshan”, a manufacturing hub to fulfill a vision that “where there is a home, there are products made in Foshan”, and “Beautiful Foshan”, an integral part of Guangzhou-Foshan Poles in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Unique as I am in different facets, I am hard to be defined with a few words.


You and I are meant to be in a beautiful encounter, but before everything unfolds, all we need is a “golden” punchline.



Foshan, known as Jihua Village in ancient China, took shape in Jin Dynasty and become known in Tang Dynasty. In AD 628, three Statues of Buddha were unearthed by local villagers, leading to a belief that the place was a land of Buddhism. Therefore, “Jihua” was replaced by “Foshan” as engraved in a stone by local residents.


In order to improve the global visibility and influence of Foshan, and promote the brand image of the city, Information Office of Foshan Manicipal Government and Cyberspace Administration of Foshan now announces a solicitation campaign for Foshan city image slogan. Starting from today to October 23, individuals or units (organizations, groups) from all over the world are welcome to submit good ideas.


 photo by Li Dong


1. Requirements for submission


(1) Slogans to be submitted should be properly positioned, profoundly themed, and reflects the features development trend of the city;

(2) Slogans to be submitted should be creative, concise, telling and easy to pass on;

(3) Slogans to be submitted should be presented in simplified Chinese and be limited to 20 Chinese characters in principle;

(4) Notes and work descriptions (within 300 words) should be attached


2. Prizes


(1) Grand prize: 1 winner (the final selected submission); 50,000 yuan

(2) First Prize: 1 winner; 30,000 yuan

(3) Second Prize: 5 winners; 5,000 yuan for each

(4) Third Prize: 10 winners; 2,000 yuan for each

(5) Finalist Award: 100 winners; Picture Album, "Charms of Foshan"

All winners mentioned above will receive their own certificates.


3. Instructions


(1) The campaign will be run in a spirit of openness, fairness and impartiality. All winners will be judged based on preliminary evaluation by experts, online public voting, final evaluation by experts and a bulletin review.

(2) All submission must be original, completely exclusive, and in accordance with relevant national laws, regulations and public interests. If there is any violation, the author shall be held legally accountable for his own actions.

(3) For two identical works, the one submitted earlier shall enter the selection process.

(4) All shortlisted works shall be regarded as the creations commissioned by the organizers. All copyright and use rights of shortlisted works belong to the organizers, and the direct and indirect interests of the works shall not be owned by the original authors. The authors only have the right of remuneration, and the right of use, authorship, publication and property belong to the organizer.

(5) All prizes are counted pre-tax.

(6) For submission, this page is the only designated link (others not accepted).

(7) All rights are reserved by the organizers.

(8) For all submissions, the organizer owns (not limited to) the rights to modify, copy, film, show, exhibit, broadcast, compile, transmit online, and use in overseas promotional products


4. Consulting