Sanshui cultural venues invite you to chill in this summer
Foshan China 2022-07-22 02:25

Since July, Sanshan Library, Cultural Center and Museum have provided multiple activities to citizens to chill in this summer.



Stated by the staff in Sanshui library, the latest event “Film sharing in Sanshui” has received positive feedback from the public. The library will select the excellent films for family sharing and media studying.


According to the data, since July, daily visitor inflow has reached over 1500.


Additionally, there are special courses including “seasonal arts” and “immersive reading”. The first one is provided to adult groups to improve their aesthetic. The second one is specially held for teenagers to enhance their reading abilities.


Regarding Sanshui Cultural Center, an art exhibition names “ wonderful new era” is held until August 15th. There are 101 art works created by 63 professional artists, including 30 sculptures, 15 potteries and 56 painting and calligraphy.


From July 21st to September 25th, Sanshui Museum will hold an exhibition about Cantonese cuisine. Through the connection of geography and regional cuisine, it aims to present the unique food culture in Guangdong.


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