CTA 2022 to kick off again in Foshan on August 20th​
Foshan China 2022-08-02 09:49
Let the scream and shot begin once again! As announced, the CTA 2022 (Foshan Open) is scheduled this year from August 19th to 21st at Foshan Century Lotus Sports Center. 



So far, more than 200 contestants have signed up for the game. Some of the biggest names include Yusup Aili Aizezi and Luo Xi (玉苏普艾力·艾则孜、罗熙), the champions for the Mens and Womens Singles for years in a row. Tennis stars like Wang Jiefu and Yuan Tianyuan (王介甫、苑天缘) have confirmed to hit the stage once again and will fire up the fields by giving their best shots ever.


Compared to last year, the game has been leveled up across the board. First, wild-card games. Anyone who wins in the wild-card games will enter the main stage of the CTA 2022 (Foshan Open). Second, "A Night at Century Lotus Center" Carnival. On August 19, fans and contestants will be invited to feel the new chemicals when traditional culture meets tennis. Go and grab a cup of beer! Plus, for better game service and player experience, Foshan will also be the first city in the history of CTA to include caddies in the game. 
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