August 19th! Come crack open a bottle of beer in Sanshui
Foshan China 2022-08-07 17:00


It’s time for "Summer Carnival" ! On August 19, the 2022 Foshan Food & Beer Festival and Sanshui Beverage Culture Festival invites you all a journey to create a memorable summer of football, seafood, music and scenery.



The event, based in Xinan Community, Sanshui, will be presented in multiple business commercial hubs and local venues. The main venue will be set at Wenta Park, and the other 3 local sub-venues include Century-old Railway Station, Phoenix Park and Beer Plaza at Yunxiu Area (百年火车站及美食集聚区、凤凰公园、云秀片区啤酒广场). In cooperation with local commercial hubs, such as Sanshui New Power Plaza, Sanshui New commercial city, Junminghui, and Sanshui Plaza (三水新动力广场、三水新商业城、钧明汇、三水广场), the event will gather top tourism resources for all the guests.



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