Uniceramics Expo debuts in Foshan in November
Foshan China 2022-10-24 16:48
On Oct 19, the world’s top 100 ceramics sanitary ware list was announced. Invited by the Ceramic Industry Development Forum, veterans discussed on the future of ceramics industry. 
The list covers global ceramics and sanitary ware enterprises and measured them according to the scale of enterprise revenue from multidimensional perspectives. And the minimum revenue of the enterprise on the list was 1 billion yuan ($0.13 billion).
China, with up to 24 enterprises on the list, has the most rankings. Among which New Pearl, Dongpeng, Monalisa and other Foshan enterprises are also named. Additionally, World’s Top 30 Tile Enterprises, World’s Top 20 Sanitary Ware Enterprises, World’s Top 20 Most Profitable Listed Ceramics Enterprises, World’s Top 20 Highest RONA (Return on Net Assets) Listed Ceramics Enterprises and World’s Top 15 Equipment and Supplies Enterprises were announced at the scene. Upon the achievements gained by ceramics enterprises, upstream enterprises play a supportive role in the development of ceramics industry. On the list of World’s Top 15 Equipment, KEDA Industrial Group from Shunde ranks the second.
Products of Monalisa
It’s also notable that the popular event of the Uniceramics Expo 2022, known as the leading exhibition in ceramics industry will debut from Nov 16 to 20 at Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Foshan. During the Expo, there will be competitive enterprises and emerging brands displaying their new designed products and applications, attracting exhibitors, international buyers including dealers across the country, designers, real estate enterprises and furniture enterprises to Foshan for more cooperation . 
Now, the ceramics industry is seeking industrial adjustment in the course of pursuing development. In order to seek new path and opportunities for the industry in 2023, this event will also invite experts to share their views on topics like coping with channel changes and helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, offering useful suggestions for the development of ceramics industry.
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