Multi-colored life: 50th anniversary of Lingnan Water-town School
Foshan China 2022-11-10 18:19

On November 7, Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy has partnered with Foshan Artists Association and Ronggui Sub-District to display an art exhibition themed "Multi-colored life: 50th anniversary of Lingnan Water-town School", until November 13, 2022.

Lingnan Water-town school or "Ronggui Water-town school", a distinguished style of Chinese painting, emerged in the 1960s and has been established for 4 generations. This exhibition is the second appearance of Lingnan Water-town school in Beijing after the exhibition at the Water Cube. More than 50 artworks from 24 artists are on display, winning high appreciation and drawing attention.

"It's our honor to present our artworks in Beijing Fine Art Academy, where Chinese master artist Qi Baishi and Li Keran used to study in," said Ye qiqing, whose paintings are also displayed on the exhibition. Spanning a big period between 1980s and 2022, the artworks depict the development of Lingnan Water-town school. Hoping to receive reviews from scholars and audiences in Beijing, he believed that this exhibition would be a new start of his journey. 

"Lingnan Water-town School is not just a local school. We need to explore its value from broader perspective, the international dimension," said Wu Hongliang, the dean of Beijing Fine Art Academy. Entering a new era, we also need to probe the heritage and the pattern of development of Chinese paintings 

"How do we define Chinese Art with Chinese characteristics? In addition to historical features, artists also need to keep their feet firmly on the ground," said Professor Xu Hong, Director of Academic Department, Tsinghua University Art Museum. The reason why the Lingnan Water-town school can stay vigorous for 50 years is that the artists gain unique insight of life from nature through stretching, without stylized bound.

The curator also guided the audience to appreciate the paintings through live broadcast. She introduced audiences to the work of Ye Qiqing, Breezes through Willow Trees, glittering with vibrancy of colors and details. As for the paintings of Lingnan Water-town school, vitality can be seen throughout the artworks, however, not crude.

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