2022 China Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference to open on Nov 15
Foshan China 2022-11-11 21:20

The opening of 2022 China Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference (hereinafter referred to as "conference") will be held on November 15th at Xiqiao Mountain Cultural Center, Foshan. Themed by "Carbon-free China, Hydrogen Future", the conference includes opening ceremony, keynote speeches, high-level meetings about the international cooperation on Hydrogen energy, etc, via both online and offline channels.

2021 China Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference

High level with significant influence

Guided by the NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) and National Energy Administration, the conference has received support from organizations and R&D institutions with significant influence in hydrogen energy industry.

Nowadays, the conference has become one brand with significant influence in hydrogen energy industry. By introducing global resource, it will stimulate the development of hydrogen energy industry in GBA, and lead the progress of carbon neutrality.

Alignment to the "Dual Carbon" strategy

The conference will invite representatives from the government, R&D institutions and relevant companies to discuss the future development of hydrogen energy and exchange ideas.

Additionally, the 6th International Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cell Technology and Product Expo (Foshan) held at the same time, has attracted over 300 leading companies from all over the world.

Diverse applications of hydrogen energy

In 2022, there have been many key projects relevant to hydrogen energy settling in Nanhai. For instance, fuel cell system developed by South East Hydrogen Energy Industrial Base has been successfully applied to the vehicle. On October 1st, the first hydrogen bicycle was introduced in Danzao Xianhu Lake. Moreover, hydrogen sanitation vehicles have been put into operation from October 20th.

Ceremony of upcoming projects

During the opening ceremony, there will be several activities, including the launch of key projects of Nanhai hydrogen energy industry, the ceremony of operating projects, and the signing of upcoming investments.

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