Foshan Sanlongwan Art and Culture Week opened on Nov.11
Foshan China 2022-11-14 19:34

On November 11, Foshan Sanlongwan Art and Culture Week opened in Sino-German Industrial Service Zone. Consisting of five parts, the event allows citizens to experience the fusion of Chinese and western cultures.

As a brand activity of Sanlongwan to present itself and communicate with others, this art and culture week has a series of activities such as opening ceremony, carnivals, and culture and art theme lectures. The activities will be held in various venues such as Foshan Library and Foshan Park.

The Art and Culture Week combines various creative elements on the basis of public welfare and environmental protection. Sanlongwan Carnival brings together elements such as bazaar, music and culture to showcase the ideal business environment in Foshan. Cycling, culture and art theme lectures are exciting activities to have a try.

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