2022 digital vehicle competition fosters talents for new energy vehicle industry
Foshan China 2022-12-28 21:17

On December 25, the national final of the Fifth Digital Vehicle Competition concluded in Nanhai District. This is the fourth time that the final was held in Nanhai since the digital vehicle final competition taking place in 2019.

The digital vehicle competition was originally named New Energy Vehicle Big Data Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition among National Universities. Since 2018, it has been held for 5 consecutive years.

The competition is divided into two categories: innovation group and entrepreneurship group. Based on the questions given by the organizing committee and the operational data of new energy vehicles, the innovation group solves practical problems through data processing and model building, and it focuses on assessing the participants' abilities of data analysis and data modeling. Open questions are given to the entrepreneurship group, focusing on the hot issues and industrial development of new energy vehicles. The participants' abilities of technological innovation, cross-industry integration and business model building are assessed. The competition includes preliminary rounds, semifinals and finals, of which the preliminary ones and semifinals are held online and the finals offline.

This year, 5680 students from 579 universities participated in the competition. 1692 works were received in the preliminary competition, and 32 teams were selected to participate in the national finals through the online preliminary and semifinal competitions.

On December 25, the award ceremony was held in Qiandenghu Lake Finance Town. The united team from Chalmers University of Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology won the special award of the innovation group of 2022 Digital Vehicle Competition and the team from Xi'an Jiaotong University won the special award of the entrepreneurship group.

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