GBA fencers to compete in Guicheng, Nanhai
Foshan China 2023-01-04 14:37

On January 1, the first "Great Guicheng" Fencing Contest has been concluded at Quanhuihang Stadium in Guicheng.

The event gathered 130 contestants from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It includes men's and women's epee, sabre, foil individual and team competitions.

In the Women's Epee finals, Miranda from Foshan and Tang Rui from Guangzhou have presented audience a marvelous rivalry game. In the race, both are holding swords and ready to fight. All of a sudden, when Miranda is about to attack, Tang exerted strength with both legs and stab straight to Miranda! Champion goes to Tang Rui!

"I started fencing when I was 4 years old, although I've competed a lot, this is my first time winning a championship and I feel very surprised." said Tang Rui. Practicing fencing has trained her self-confidence and thinking ability, she added.

Known as "One of the Eight World's Noble Sports", fencing is a sport of etiquette, exercise, defense, enlightening, collaboration and concentration.

So far, there are over 2000 fencing enthusiasts in Guicheng. Holding this kind of contest aims at getting more children to know more about this sports and cultivating their interests for it, which not only improves physical strength but also helps nurture concentration, observation and logistic mind.

"In recent years, Guicheng has encouraged enterprises and society to hold multiple sports events. This fencing contest is an excellent example of organizing sports events through the power of enterprises." said Cao Limin, a member of Guicheng Party Working Committee. As the public's demand for various types of sports arises, Guicheng strives to activate social resources and hold sports events by introducing new sports events such as fencing, equestrian and rugby, so as to prosper Guicheng's national fitness and promote the development of sports competition.

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