Stand-Up Paddling Race launched in Ronggui, Foshan
Foshan China 2023-01-04 15:16

On January 1, Stand-Up Paddling Race of Foshan was held at Meijiao River. At the meantime, the launching ceremony of the water sports base at Meijiao River, Ronggui—Dragon Boat Cultural Park was held, marking the forming of a brand new Shunde water sports IP project in Ronggui.

Many paddling lovers came to participate in the second Stand–Up Paddling Race of Foshan. The race has many different events like 6-km long distance one, 400-meter skill one and family bus paddleboard one, displaying the rich green resource of Meijiao River.

At the competition scene, as the starting gun sounded, hundreds of paddles went onto the water and raced against each other, forming an appealing landscape on the river.

Liao Yuxuan, a fifth grade student at Benyuan Elementary School in Daliang, has been in love with stand-up paddling for six years. When he was still in kindergarten, he tried this kind of sport during a trip and was fascinated by it ever since. "My parents and I like stand-up paddling. I hope more schoolmates can paddle together with me, so that we can exercise together and become healthier." Liao Yuxuan said.

The Meijiao River Water Sports Base of this event—Dragon Boat Culture Park, which helps to inherit dragon boat culture and implement Shunde's "Dragon Boat Five One" initiative, was officially launched, highlighting Ronggui's brand as "China Dragon Boat Training Base".

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