Mark it down! Events schedule during Spring Festival
Foshan China 2023-01-22 15:19

To celebrate the Spring Festival, there are various events held in Foshan. Here is the full calendar of events in five districts of Foshan.

Chancheng District

Ancestral Temple Museum

Date: From January 17 to February 5

The museum will introduce night operation (19:00 - 21:30) during this period. The fee is 5 yuan per person. The sales of ticket will end at 21:00, and the museum will be closed at 21:30.

Foshan Lingnan Tiandi

Date: From January 17 to February 5

There will be various coloured lanterns and artworks presented, including cute bunnies and PEPE Frog. As the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage, Foshan coloured lantern making will add funny and unique texture to modern fashion.

Nanhai District

Nanhai Movie & TV Town

Date: From January 22 to January 27

The 5th Spring Festival of Peach Blossom will be held in Nanhai Movie & TV Town. To celebrate the Spring Festival, there are several festival discounts implied. Citizens who were born in the year of rabbit are free from ticket fee. For residents from Shishan Town, they will have discount on the ticket fee by presenting their IDs. Additionally, the first 50 people wearing Hanfu are also entitled to free entrance fee.

Xiqiao Mountain

Date: From January 21 to January 27

2023 Lingnan Spring Festival Event will be held in Xiqiao Mountain. Meanwhile, from January 22 to January 27, there will be food booths held in Yiyouting Square and Baofeng Temple sightseeing platform, providing delicious snakes and cuisine to visitors.

Nanhai Cultural Center

Date: From January 21 to February 5

The pulpit of “Famous Folk Artists” will be held online. By that time, the online presentation channel will be open to the public, displaying the outstanding artworks in 2022, including painting, calligraphy, photos, etc.

Notably, 2023 Spring Festival Couplet Calligraphy Exhibition started on January 4 will be extended to January 29.

Mengli Shuixiang Baihua Garden

Date: From January 21 to January 28, start from 18:30 everyday

There will be various activities coming, including Night Cultural Festival, Space theme amusement park, camping area, etc.

Shunde District

Changlu Tourism Xiubo Garden

Date: From January 21 to February 28

There will be various events related to rabbits held in Changlu Tourism Xiubo Garden from January 23 to February 5, celebrating the year of rabbit.

Zhongchong Piaose Cruise

Date: January 4

Piaose Cruise is one Lingnan folk tradition with hundreds of years history. Children aged from 6 to 10 will be selected as actors to perform drama and fairy tale. It is considered as one of the most popular events during Spring Festival.

Gaoming District

Yingxiang Ecological Garden

Date: From January 22 to January 26

There will be firework shows perform everyday to celebrate the New Year.

Midea Luhu Forest Holiday Resort

Date: From January 21 to January 27

Temple fair with multiple activities will be held, including face-changing of Sichuan opera and fire-breathing show.

Sanshui District

Sanshui Lotus World

Date: From January 22 to January 27; from February 4 to February 5

Live performance, firework shows, laser water curtain show ... various activities will be held to provide exciting experience here.

Sanshui Forest Park

Date: From January 22 to January 27

There will be interesting cultural events held at Crocodile Lake and Confucius Garden.

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