Return of the custom “Crossing Tongji Bridge”
Foshan China 2023-01-29 17:38

“Crossing Tongji Bridge and get rid of all the bad luck.” This is one old slang that familiar to every Foshan people.

Crossing Tongji Bridge is one classic folk event during the Lantern Festival. Started from the late Ming Dynasty, it has been prevailed for over 400 years. As the Lantern Festival approaches, Foshan people will bring windmills, wind chimes and lettuce, crossing Tongji Bridge and hoping for good luck in next year.

Recently, it is announced that Chancheng will restart this folk custom event “Crossing Tongji Bridge” on February 5th.

Before crossing the bridge, there are several items you should prepare. The classic item is lettuce, which represents luck. After crossing the bridge, people will bring lettuce home, wishing for better luck next year.

Additionally, windmill and wind chime are items along. Windmill symbolized that the bad luck will swing away and good luck will come. The sound produced by wind chime will bring the happiness and fortune.

However, there are three taboos:

Don't go backwards. There is certain set routine if you cross the Tongji Bridge. People must not turn round, otherwise, good blessings will be away.

Don't throw lettuce. The tradition is to bring lettuce back home, meaning that they can bring the good luck back.

Don't throw coins. Stated by professors of folk culture, throwing coins is dangerous and disrespect to the tradition, which should be prohibited.

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