Light shows are back! Enjoy a visual feast of Foshan night
Foshan China 2023-02-10 15:49

Wenhua Park: water, music and light show

Two performances will be held every Friday, Saturday and public holidays. The first one is at 19:30 and the second one is at 20:30. Each one lasts for about 25 minutes. Under extreme weather such as strong wind and rainstorm or other emergency situations, the show will be canceled.

Shunfeng Mountain Park: light show

The show will be held every Friday and Saturday night from 20:00 to 20:30, which will last for about 20 minutes. Audience can enjoy the show at section A, B and C. Under extreme weather and other special situations, the show will be suspended and new schedule of performances will be announced later.

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Photo丨Wenhua Park, Shunfeng Mountain Park