Hidden Gallery Thupas officially opens at the birthplace of Foshan
Foshan China 2023-02-22 15:25

On February 19, Hidden Gallery Thupas officially opened to the public in Tapo, known as the birthplace of Foshan. It's also the first gallery that opens at night in Foshan. On the same day, Deng Zijun's exhibition of "The Logic of Tower/Slope" also debut at the gallery.

Thupas is the second art space of Hidden Gallery. The first one is settled in Yinggang Community in 2022, also known as the first community art gallery in Zumiao Sub-district and one of the first youth development demonstration communities and art spaces in Foshan. Since last year, Zumiao Sub-district has provided a resource platform for artists and built art space like Doodle Art Gallery and Keep The Light Gallery, creating a scenic spot of "Urban Art Landmark" and injecting new vitality into the old neighborhood of Foshan.

Art around the corner: a 100-year-old building is now an art gallery

Walking through the narrow stone alley in Tapo and entering the Suoyi Street, you can see this unique community art gallery in the old building of bricks and tiles.

Covering an area of nearly 400 square meters, the exhibition space is about 150 square meters and there are two exhibition halls in total. Built as a comprehensive art space integrating art exhibitions, art trading, office and coffee, the gallery is divided into two floors including the exhibition area, the courtyard leisure area and the salon area, all of which are open to the public for free.

As for space design, Thupas will be decorated with a large number of green plants. The whole gallery is divided into black, white and gray area: white area for professional art exhibition halls, gray area for relaxation areas in courtyard, black area for citizens to do reading, music appreciation and work.

Thupas Art Museum will combine local characteristics and modern development. By integrating exhibition, cultural exchange and community revitalization, it will meet the needs of different people, whether you are a visitor curious about art or art professionals.

It's worth noticing that the gallery will open at night, making it the first nighttime art space in Foshan. This artful trend will fully enrich the night economy and the cultural life of citizens.

Brand-new art base to energize the vitality of community culture

In September, 2022, Foshan Ancient Town Project was officially launched. According to the Scheme, Zumiao Sub-district will activate historical and cultural resources based on the system of "One Axis, One Core and Six Areas".

At the same time, Zumiao Sub-district has issued supporting policies to encourage new business cultural spaces. Taking Hidden Gallery as a starting point, Zumiao Sub-district plans to activate the vitality of the communities like Yinggang Community, Tapo Community, Renwei Community, etc, by combining new business modes like art exhibition, cultural activities, coffee shops and so on. Various art spaces are popping up in ancient communities and streets. More and more artists fall in love with ancient Foshan.

In the future, Hidden Gallery Thupas will serve as a new art base in the Tapo area of Foshan Ancient Town, making the Yinggang-Tapo area a gathering place for cultural and artistic experience at the origin of Foshan.

Exhibition Venue: Hidden Gallery.Thupas

Exhibition Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00-22:00. Close on Tuesday.

Address: No. 74, Tapo Street, Tapo Community, Zumiao Sub-district, Chancheng District, Foshan

Travel Guide: Guangfo Metro's Pujun Beilu Station (Exit A)

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