12 Events Throughout the Year! The Never-ending Marathon Series Launched in Shunde
Foshan China 2023-02-28 17:40

On February 25, the "City of Gastronomy - Run to Shunde - the Never-ending Marathon" brand releasing ceremony was held at the Shunfeng Mountain Park Plaza, Shunde District. In the presence of leaders and guests, "the Never-Ending Marathon" brand was officially released and a series of upcoming events was announced for the whole year: 10 subdistricts of Shunde will hold events like health running, hikes, half and full marathons, orienteering races and special night running throughout this year.

The brand releasing ceremony

On the 26th, the kick-off race of the brand series activities, the Never-ending Marathon (2023 Daliang Shunfeng Station) was also held at the Shunfeng Mountain Park Plaza. More than 2,000 runners from all over the country participated in the 21km half marathon race and the 8 km joy running race. Wu Hanhua, the winner of the men's half marathon race said, "It's the first time I come to Shunde to run a marathon. The scenery along the race is wonderful and the road condition is great." Wu Hanhua also said that after the award ceremony, he couldn't wait to taste the very famous Shunde cuisines.

As the race began, runners were challenging their limits

Aside from the marathon race, the race participants and a huge number of citizens experienced the Shunfeng Marathon Carnival, held simultaneously on 25th and 26th. Four major areas were set up for the Carnival, including the display area of urban charm in Shunde, the interaction area for cooperative brands, the experiencing area for fashion sports, and the collection area for competition supply.

Zhang Hongbing, the Standing Committee Member of Shunde District and the Minister of Publicity said on site, "We want to broadcast the reputation of Shunde as 'City of Gastronomy' by making Shunde into a marathon holding city which is full of vitality, because we believe that food and sport are both the best interpretation of our good life. We welcome the marathon runners from all over the world to Shunde, participating in our marathon races and tasting Shunde cuisines."

The newly built fitness trail in Shunde

In recent years, Shunde District has devoted huge resources to water conservancy projects and urban beautification projects, which significantly improved the quality of Shunde's urban and rural infrastructure, and thereby provides a solid environmental foundation for the brand events. Through those events, Shunde's city charm is being shown to the world. More and more people all over the world will be attracted to vist Shunde and fall in love with it.

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