Notice! The Foshan 50km Hike has been postponed
Foshan China 2023-03-24 17:10

According to the organizing committee, due to weather conditions, the Foshan 50km Hike event originally scheduled for March 25 (Saturday) will be postponed to April 1 (Saturday).

According to the forecast from Foshan Meteorological Department, there will be a significant rainfall process in Foshan from March 23 to 25, accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation or thunderstorms and winds around level 8.

The Foshan 50km Hike Organizing Committee said that in order to protect the health and safety of each participant and let participants to have a better hiking experience, the organizing committee conducted a comprehensive safety risk assessment, and decided to postpone the Foshan 50km Hike originally scheduled for March 25 (Saturday) to April 1 (Saturday).

Due to the one-week postponement of the event, the registration time for Foshan's 50km Hike will be also extended to 24:00 March 28, and citizens can continue to sign up on Foshan+ APP.

In addition, in order to facilitate the collection of hiking materials, Foshan 50km Hike will launch the last offline collection of materials from March 22 (Wednesday) to March 26 (Sunday). The specific collection location is as follows:

Those who cannot go to the offline material collection point and those who register on March 27-28 can choose to mail the materials through delivery. For related questions, please consult the official customer service hotline: 0757-83398339.

Reporter | Tang
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