Popular hiking event kicked off in Nanhai Xianlu Island
Foshan China 2023-04-24 17:27

On April 22, the 2023 Nanai "Blossom" Camping Season kicked off in Lishui Xianlu Island, with the hiking event of the 2023 Nanhai Hiking Festival and Camping Season launched on the same day. The "Blossom" Camping Season will run through the whole year and hold series events covering 40 camp spots in Nanhai’s well-known attraction spots such as Xiqiao Mountain, Tingyin Lake and Pingsha Island.

At 8:30 am, lion dance performance was held in Wanqing Horticultural World, attracting people from all over the country..The band and street dance team from Shimen Middle School also presented wonderful performances. Meanwhile, Lishui Charity Donation was also launched on the same day morning, calling on tourists and citizens to support charity.

With 13.14 kilometers long, starting from Wanqing Horticultural World and ending at Love Park, this event set up a series of interactive check-in spots along, so that hikers could enjoy the beautiful spring scenery and experience unique cultural and creative stores.

Shao Kaijian, chairman of Nanhai Association of Literature, expressed his expectation about this event, hoping that it would further stimulate the vitality of the tourism and the demand for tourism consumption in Nanhai, making leisure and vacation business continue to develop. Therefore, it is to empower the integrated development of Nanhai’s urban and rural areas.

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