Lecong Team won the first round of 2023 China Dragon Boat Open
Foshan China 2023-04-26 09:20

From April 22-23, Shunde Lecong Luofugong Dragon Boat Team participated in the first station of the 2023 China Dragon Boat Open held in Suining, Chengdu. All the team members strove to win the first place in the 100m and 500m straight races, the second place in the 200m straight race, the first place in the 3000m round race, and finally won first place in the overall results.

In addition, from April 9-10, qualification competition of the 19th Asian Games China national training team was held in Hunan Miluo International Dragon Boat Racing Center. The Shunde Lecong Luofugong Dragon Boat Team and the Shunde Lecong Sports Association Dragon Boat Team beat teams from other provinces and won the championship and runner-up in men's competition. With the first and second places in the total points, both of the teams all advanced to the 19th Asian Games Dragon Boat Selection and Point Race held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang in May.

Lao Jianhui, leader coach of Shunde Dragon Boat Club, said that since this year, Shunde Lecong Luofugong Team has actively prepared for the qualification competition. This competition could help the team to gain experiences and improve its teamwork. Next, the whole team will continue to prepare for upcoming competitions, with the ultimate goal of winning glory for the country at the 19th Asian Games.

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