Revitalized Tapo Temple Fair to launch on July 23
Foshan China 2023-07-10 15:43

The highly anticipated Tapo Temple Fair, a traditional event in Foshan, will take place from July 23 to July 30. This year's fair will introduce new and exciting attractions such as Chinese cultural creativity, car parades, Chinese dance processions, and intangible cultural heritage experiences. By blending tradition with modern elements, the fair aims to revive the ancient customs of Tapo and explore innovative ways to promote traditional culture and boost local development.

New attractions and experiences

Known as the birthplace of Foshan, Tapo has witnessed the city's development and carries the unique charm of local traditional culture.

The fair will offer a mix of traditional and trendy activities, allowing visitors to experience the charm of Tapo. Visitors can explore historical sites, such as the Tapo Well, Cantonese Opera Museum, and Hongsheng Hall, while also enjoying new attractions and experiences. This includes participating in folk customs like washing Tapo well water, lantern blessings, and shopping at local markets, as well as engaging in trendy street dances and summer-themed activities.

Market-oriented operations to empower urban development

Notably, the fair will adopt a market-oriented approach, involving collaborations with local businesses, commercial districts, and cultural institutions. The aim is to create synergies between culture and commerce, and to empower the local economy through the cultural value of the fair. The fair has already formed partnerships with various organizations, and the promotions will encompass both online and offline platforms to reach a wider audience.

By combining tradition with innovation, the Tapo Temple Fair seeks to become a cultural landmark and contribute to the development of Foshan's cultural and tourism industries. The fair will showcase the rich heritage of Tapo and inspire a deeper appreciation for Lingnan and Cantonese cultures.

Empower high-quality development through culture

Up next, Zumiao Street will leverage traditional cultural activities such as Qiuse Parade, Lantern Fair, Crossing Tongji Bridge, and Beidi Temple Fair. These activities aim to establish Foshan as an exemplary model for the high-quality development of cultural, commercial, and tourism industries.


Revisor | Eddie, Christy

Photo | Foshan Zumiao Museum, Chancheng Tourism